help children in LOCKDOWN


Send a “COVID backpack” containing food staples, hygiene necessities, books, and games, to a child in COVID-affected areas in Vietnam so that they know they are taken care of physically and mentally.

In case your are experiencing difficulties with the link above, please try our alternative donation page, or consider making a bank transfer with the details below. Thank you for your support!

Account Name: Saigon Children’s Charity CIO
Account No.: 001010800141 (VND) / 001010800021 (USD)
Bank: HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd.
Bank address: The Metropolitan 235 Dong Khoi St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Swift code: HSBCVNVX
Note: COVID 2021 – [phone number]
*If you can’t type ( ‘ ) in the account name, please replace it with space.
**Please DO NOT use “fast transferring” or “transfer 24/7”



30kg of rice, a box of instant noodles, canned pork and fish, seasoning, along with soap and toothpaste


Each backpack package provides children with a book, a toy, and a game to help their time at home to be more enjoyable


Every package also comes with a handbook for parents to support children’s mental wellbeing during the pandemic


Your voice can make a difference! Submit your reading videos so that children staying at home right now can learn from your stories.


Choose a children’s book that your child enjoys or one that you liked as a child.


Set your camera and voice recorder to filming yourselves reading the book. Recording guideline


Upload your raw video with the name “Your name _ Book name” to this folder. We will edit and publish selected videos on saigonchildren’s social media channels and you can help us share them too.

our concern


Children are one of the most vulnerable groups during a global crisis like COVID-19. Not only many are living in households hit by the economic impact of the pandemic, but their mental wellbeing can also suffer long-term impacts caused by lockdowns and separation.


Many children are suffering from malnutrition due to parents losing income because of the pandemic. Our backpack package contains staple food items will help ease the burden of food for the whole family.


Each backpack package also comes with books, toys, and games for children’s time at home to be more enjoyable. When schools are closed and online learning is not feasible for many children, they need to occupy their time with fun and educative activites.




Hundreds of backpack packages have been delivered to children in lockdown across Vietnam, but the number who need help is in the thousands and they need it as soon as possible.

In case your are experiencing difficulties with the link above, please try our alternative donation page, or consider making a bank transfer with the details above. Thank you for your support!


Children benefit from being read to. Children in lockdown need it even more than ever. You can help them pass their time in a meaningful way by sending a video of you reading your favourite story.


We need you to spread the word so that children can get help as soon as possible. When we upload your reading video to saigonchildren’s Facebook, we need your help to share it too.


Round 2:

1,117 packages are being distributed to families in Ho Chi Minh City.

Round 1:

112 packages delivered in Ho Chi Minh City.

330 packages delivered in Bac Giang province.








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